… handwritten what?

Even while stu­dy­ing at the Filma­ca­de­my Baden-Wuer­t­tem­berg, Eric Bou­ley and Chris­to­pher Sas­sen­rath co-pro­du­ced the TV-movie „A Child is Mis­sing“ based on a true sto­ry in 2017. Its first broad­cast on Arte on Decem­ber 15, 2017, reached a sen­sa­tio­nal 1.81 mil­li­on view­ers in Ger­ma­ny and 1.26 mil­li­on in Fran­ce, brea­king a num­ber of Arte records. “A Child is Mis­sing” is cur­r­ent­ly ran­ked second on the Arte’s all-time lea­der­board of audi­ence ratings in Ger­ma­ny. The main broad­cast on ZDF on Octo­ber 22, 2018, reached more than 5.4 mil­li­on view­ers. In addi­ti­on the film was hono­red with the Best Actor Award for Hei­no Ferch and the Audi­ence Award at the Ger­man TV-Crime Fes­ti­val Wies­ba­den and was nomi­na­ted as Best Pro­duc­tion for the Awards of the Ger­man Aca­de­my of Tele­vi­si­on in 2018. In 2018 & 2019, hand­writ­ten Pic­tures co-pro­du­ced – in the same com­po­si­ti­on behind the came­ra as “A Child is Mis­sing” – ano­t­her TV-film inspi­red by actu­al events for ZDF and Arte. “Hunt for the Bos­ses” will be broad­cast on Arte on Octo­ber 18, 2019, and at a later date on ZDF. In Febru­a­ry 2020, the shoo­ting of the High-End TV-seri­es „Wild Repu­blic“ began, which is being pro­du­ced for Magen­taTV as well as Arte, WDR, SWR and One.

Eric Bou­ley and Chris­to­pher Sas­sen­rath have alrea­dy been suc­cess­ful during their stu­dies at the Filma­ca­de­my Baden-Wuer­t­tem­berg, i.a. with the pro­duc­tion of the sci-fi short film „Kryo“ (main pri­ze as Best Gen­re Film, Gen­re­na­le, Ber­lin 2016; nomi­na­ti­on Producer’s Award at the Sehsu­ech­te Stu­dent Film Fes­ti­val 2016). In 2016, Bou­ley and Sas­sen­rath won the Prime Time Award from ProSiebenSat.1 for a TV movie con­cept. They were hono­red twice with the RTL Start-Up pri­ze: in 2016 for a sit­com con­cept and in 2017 for a seri­es con­cept. In 2018, they recei­ved the first SKW Schwarz sti­pend wit­hin the frame­work of the Ber­li­na­le. In 2016, hand­writ­ten Pic­tures pro­vi­ded Ger­man ser­vice production/production manage­ment to the Aus­tri­an-Ger­man fea­ture film “The Best of All Worlds,” which won the “Kom­pass-Per­spek­ti­ve” award at the 2017 Ber­li­na­le Fes­ti­val and five Aus­tri­an Film Awards, among other honors.

Sin­ce 2018, hand­writ­ten Pic­tures GmbH is a 51-per­cent sub­si­dia­ry of X‑Filme Hol­ding GmbH. Sin­ce June 2021 the com­pa­ny is cal­led X‑Filme Pro­duc­tion GmbH.